Duration: 1 month
Price: 200 euro

With VIP package you get 3 specialist nutritionist psychologist and personal trainer. Staying in touch around the clock, it supports her clients emotionally and physically, programming your mind for the success. And thanks to the daily consultation and monitoring of the state of their clients, Lilly Rikhter becomes their guide in the world of beauty and health.


  • Initial analysis of body composition and history of the state of health based on detailed interviews and photos
  • Calculation of daily requirement of calories D / M / Y and metabolic rate based on the results of testing
  • Introduction to the basics of good nutrition
  • Introduction to the basics of self-organization and self-discipline
  • Individual exercise program, which will be updated every two weeks
  • Consulting a nutritionist and a trainer once a day at a pre-determined time (e-mail)
  • Reprogramming incorrect behavior on a new one and associated with the correct and healthy lifestyle
  • Personal consultation with Lilly Rikhter and the whole team 24/7 (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp)
  • Control of food and personal preparation of balanced menus.
  • Control of the physical and emotional state of the client 24 hours a day (the work of the psychologist)
  • Reprogramming the achievement of goals and objectives.