Duration: 1 month
Price: 100 euro

A great option for achieving the desired result. Individual approach of Lilly Rikhter to each client, will get rid of the extra kilos, build a beautiful muscle mass, as well gain an invaluable knowledge about an healthy and most importantly a happy life!


  • Initial analysis of body composition and history of the state of health based on detailed interviews and photos
  • Calculation of daily requirement of calories D / M / Y and metabolic rate based on the results of testing
  • Introduction to the basics of good nutrition
  • Introduction to the basics of self-organization and self-discipline
  • Individual exercise program, which will be updated every two weeks
  • Full immersion into the rules of good nutrition
  • Increase the trainee’s personal motivation for classes
  • Weekly individual consultations with Lilly Rikhter (45 minutes - Skype, Viber, WhatsApp)
  • Consulting a nutritionist and a trainer once a day at a pre-determined time (e-mail)
  • Reprogramming incorrect behavior on a new one and associated with the correct and healthy lifestyle