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THANK YOU LILLY! Really, you helped me and my partner SO much. After opening a business, working A LOT, we had little energy and motivation to exercise and take care of ourselves. After only 6 weeks of training with you in the park AND eating better (from you correcting what, when and how much we ate), we saw great results! After 5 months with you we have EXCEEDED our goals, have more energy, sleep better, have less stress and overall we feel amazing. You have given us the push - with some tough love - that we needed to stay motivated and take care of ourselves; but it\\\'s great to still have your guidance through the website. You continue to recommend and balanced diet (nutrition) change our training program to not only maintain our progress but to ensure we continue to improve :D Thank you for all of your expertise, support and dedication to helping us achieve our fitness goals! Warm Regards, Brian

Brian J

My Gran Canaria Projects

Fitness Camp

It is gaining increasing popularity to rest for the soul and body. Unlike classic All inclusive Fitness Camp Lily Rikhter can offer a full leisure for everyone to return to its former shape, lose a few extra pounds, enjoy the stunning beauty of the local nature and European cuisine from a Italian chef. By the way the menu is made individually for each visitor Fitness Camp, accounted calorie, taste preferences and desires of our guests.

We can offer you accommodation in cozy rooms and bungalows in the tourist area of Gran Canaria...

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A Walk In The Park

A Walk In The Park — this is a personal initiative of a world-class coach Lilly Rikhter, as well with the support of Canary News. Yoga, Pilates, Stretch, Functional Training.

We want to motivate everyone to a healthy lifestyle and to show - new life can be interesting, easy and fun!

Every Sunday from 12: 00-13: 00 Maspalomas, Parque Sur Free enter

This is easy! This is a Walk in The Park!

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    If we talk about weight gain, it is necessary to understand that the quality can vary. You can gain a lot of fat or something much better and more effective for the figure – muscle mass. Many nutritionists are hesitant to explain this difference and often give thin client on fast carbohydrates – “sugar.” Naturally […]
  • Fitness VS cancer!

    Until now, not many of those who are sick with cancer and especially those who did not touch this evil, know how positively affect fitness for the disease. Now I can say with confidence that fitness – it’s one of the best medicines. This was proved by the data of numerous studies conducted since the […]

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