How to gain weight?

image-25-09-16-08-40-1 If we talk about weight gain, it is necessary to understand that the quality can vary. You can gain a lot of fat or something much better and more effective for the figure - muscle mass. Many nutritionists are hesitant to explain this difference and often give thin client on fast carbohydrates - "sugar." Naturally it gives a result kilos go up and down the client's life. Disorders of the heart, hormonal disruptions, and ultimately the diagnosis - diabetes. To put you on the right path from the very beginning, I will try to gradually dismantle this question. WHO AM I? It is believed that the majority of people belong to one of three somatotypes: endomorph (large, big-boned and by nature full); mesomorph (athletic body type) and ectomorph (fine-boned, hard gaining weight). A typical ectomorph - a person who has a low level of physical strength and volume to the training. As a rule, this kind of people are tall and thin, with a relatively low fat and small, narrow bones. Ectomorph has a relatively short upper body, long limbs, narrow feet and hands, a small body and a relatively narrow shoulders. Ectomorphs usually have long, thin muscles, which are very slow hypertrophy. If you are an ectomorph, move on to the next step. How to gain muscle mass? For ectomorph weight gain - it's a real struggle for every 100 grams, at a time when other easily gain weight on high-calorie foods. First and foremost, you must determine the daily calorie. In the Internet you can find a variety of tests that determine the daily rate. Taking advantage of one of them, it plus 600-700 kcal. WHAT IS AND WHEN? Here come into effect rules of a balanced diet. Eating should be frequent. In no case did not go hungry! Count calories, do not underestimate your daily rate! Avoid bad fats, sugar and salt. Bad habits such as alcohol and tobacco, they actually stop muscle development. In the first half of the day to set the emphasis on complex carbohydrates (cereals) in the second half of the day on protein foods. They will give enough construction material and energy recovery. As the content in the diet of a large amount of protein stimulates the production of growth hormone, which in turn can help increase muscle. How to train? It is necessary to reduce all cardiovascular load, leaving only a 5-minute warm-up and cool down. will not help active sports. You need a rare, intense and really hard training. No more than 2-3 times per week. Use polyarticular exercises. Cycling large muscles, you give yourself enough load to change the hormonal system, which in turn will stimulate muscle growth. Work with free weights. weight increased with each workout. But, not forgetting about the standard safety regulations. How to recover? Muscle growth occurs during rest, not during the workout. Therefore, it is important to keep up to recover! Do not bring themselves to exhaustion. If you feel that you have no strength, better skip the workout. Sleep at least 8 hours. And again, just supply the body building material. Protein shake after a workout and casein before bedtime, exclude undesirable deficits. From Russia with love, Your Personal Coach Lilly Rikhter