About Lilly Rikhter

Lilly Rikhter is a fitness coach, psychologist, nutritionist, fashion model and show organizer about a healthy lifestyle. She knows very well that nothing is impossible.

Lilly has come a long way. A painful teenager with heart disease and physical exemptions became the prize-winner of the powerlifting, Thai boxing and torchbearer of the Winter Olympics Game "Sochi 2014". But Lilly is not a superhero. She is sure - everyone can achieve high results and live a happy life, which he himself chose.

Lilly Rikhter was born in Grozny (Chechen-Ingush Republic) and grew up in the Krasnodar Region. The first 20 years of her life she suffered from heart disease, spine trauma, depression and bulimia. But one day Lilly decided to change her life. To do this, she worked hard on herself, she studied with the best professors - and her first successes were achieved in Russia:

  • She received two higher educations (Institute of Economics and Management in the Medical and Social Spheres, Faculty of Psychology) and a red diploma of the College of Fitness and Bodybuilding Ben Vader.
  • At the age of 25 she defended her diploma of Master of Psychology, on the topic "Individual features of self-regulation among sportsmen engaged in power sports";
  • Has received more than 40 certificates on fitness, coaching and dietology;
  • She conducted the program and acted as an expert on Russian TV;
  • Became a prize-winner of the Southern Federal District in Thai boxing;
  • She won the title of the champion of Russia and the 4th place in world championship in powerlifting;
  • She was named the best fitness psychologist of 2015;
  • She was a torchbearer at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi-2014;
  • In 2016, she received the qualification of an international fitness expert.

Then Lilly moved to Spain, where her projects came to the international level:

  • Lilly launched a reality TV show Fat Money. This is a fitness game, whose mission is the improvement of the inhabitants of Europe, the popularization of sports and healthy habits;
  • She opened charity projects WIP "A Walk In The Park with Lilly Rikhter" - weekly free training for all comers.
  • Lilly partner of projects to raise funds to help women suffering from breast cancer;
  • Received a medal at the European Bodybuilding Championship in the category "fitness bikini";
  • Turned "A Walk In The Park" into a large-scale festival of healthy lifestyles and founded the fitness association with the same name. Today, many successful fitness trainers, inspired by the example of Lilly, conduct free training throughout the island of Gran Canaria;
  • In 2017, she was nominated for the best fitness specialist in the Canary Islands.

Lilly Rikhter believes that sport is the first step on the road to perfection. She knows how not to stumble by taking this step, and knows how to guide others. Among the clients of Lilly are people who lost weight by 70 kg for 9 months, got rid of chronic diseases and completely changed their lives. If you are ready to embark on the path leading to health and happiness - join the projects of Lilly Rikhter.