A Walk In The Park

Walk In The Park — this is a personal initiative of a world-class coach Lilly Rikhter, as well with the support of Canary News. Yoga, Pilates, Stretch, Functional Training.

We want to motivate everyone to a healthy lifestyle and to show — new life can be interesting, easy and fun!

Every Sunday from 12: 00-13: 00 Maspalomas, Parque Sur Free enter

This is easy! This is a Walk in The Park!


  • To determine the functional state of your body you are advised to first consult a doctor.
  • Being late to class more than 10 minutes - it is dangerous to your health! If, however, you are late, for start workout, perform warm-up exercises and warm-up joints. This will prevent injuries.
  • We recommend to take with you water (not sparkling) or a fitness drink.
  • Worth's welcome last meal at least 2 hours before your workout.
  • Use comfortable clothes and training shoes.
  • Classes are held outdoors, do not forget about security measures, bring your warm clothing and the sunscreen.
  • You will need a fitness mat or towel for exercise.
  • In case of bad weather (rain, strong wind, etc.) activity can be canceled, which will inform a special announcement on FaceBook page or this website.
  • To begin the lesson, you can with any level of fitness.
  • Be attentive to yourself, try to dose load, move to your goals gradually, enjoying the lessons, but in any case not bring themselves to exhaustion.
  • Whatever your goal: to reduce the fat component, strengthen muscles, relieve stress, maybe even better, do not force the load. Remember, the main thing — it's a good feeling.
  • Remember the main condition of success - the precise organization and training system. Visit classes should be organized.
  • Do not training with chewing gum.
  • Attend classes in a state of intoxication is prohibited.
  • If you are a beginner, start with a class A Walk In The Park — a pleasure. Only to master the technique of performing basic moves, their names, getting used to a new kind of activity for you, go to the next level of complexity. You may need personal training. Lilly Rikhter can be your personal guide to fitness.
  • During training, you can joke, laugh, take photos, motivate each other, and others. Positive — it is the main component of our activities!
  • After the group session adopted thank coach applause.
  • Everyone can leave comments on the website or https://www.facebook.com/AWalkInTheParkWithLillyRikhter/
Come and enjoy!